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Facebook includes 5 New Reactions to its ‘Like’ Button

29 Mar

Facebook new reaction buttonsThe ‘Like’ button of Facebook acquires a brighter look this time as it accompanies new Emoji companions that include Love, Ha Ha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. The emoji reactions are welcomed by Facebook users with open arms and are highly valued across the world. A simple ‘dislike’ button wouldn’t seem appealing as users might click on it anytime if they don’t like specific posts. So these 5 emojis are the excellent ways to present your feelings on Facebook posts, without hurting anyone’s sentiments.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Reactions on Emojis

Mark Zuckerberg responded on his FB post that 5 emojis are easy to use. He spoke to the Facebook users, “The five different Emojis are launched globally, and our mission has been successful. Not every time you would share your likeness towards a post. At times they might be angry or sad seeing certain FB posts. Our community was enquiring about a dislike button for many years, but it is not for the reason that FB users want to convey their friends that they dislike their posts. People wanted to put across their sympathy and make it easy sharing huge variations of emotions.”

Mark also said, “Facebook users can simply press and hold the Like button that results into love, haha, wow, sad, or angry reactions. Users can click on any of these reactions as per they feel. We’ve certainly made a brilliant start with these reactions!”

Benefit for the Target Users

With the additions of new reactions, the target users can not only Like other’s posts, they can also Love their friends’ photos and posts, laugh at other’s funny posts with a HaHa, react Sad when unhappy things have occurred, or click on Anger emoji at insensitive posts. Note that these different reactions can be offered to the posts only, and not on any other users’ comments.

If users have spare time, they can use any of these random reactions on the website page/friends’ older posts published long back which may sound lot of fun. But in few individual posts, only Like button is shown, sans 5 emojis.

Facebook’s 5 New Reactions help Business to understand Consumer Intent

Facebook’s Reaction features are a vital progression as it helps brands excessively to assess the success or significance of their contents. They also craft important customer experiences and improve the brands. It’s a great chance to engage with many customers on an extended level frequently and with superb results.  Social media is a remarkable form of media with varied emotions, and this aids in gaining desired business results as involvement of customers drives more commitment, awareness, loyalty, and better sales.

 In order to use maximum advantage of Reactions, the brands have to engage mainly via human-human interactions that measures sentiments. The adding of broader sort of emotional communication through these buttons/icons enhances the user experiences, and also develops user engagement along with good content and interesting conversations on the FB platform.

Well, one might feel that more the buttons, more the puzzling in thinking which button to click. But FB users can easily respond with 5 emojis or just a like button. With these options in hand, the reactions are now staying on Facebook for a longer time, or may be for always!

Vikramjeet Singh

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