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Facebook Live! What is in for you!

08 Apr

Facebook Live, Social Media marketing

Facebook Live is presently an app based feature that has potential benefits for business users and customers. With the use of Facebook Live, you have the prospective to reach everyone across the world who follows you on Facebook. Your live streaming on FB puts a great impact on your fan following as they get the chance to interact with you directly via messages. Your live conversation will also let you know how many viewers are watching you.

Benefits of Facebook Live for Business and Consumers

1# Live Chat convenient for the Customers: Customers will find the Live Chat very convenient. The reason behind this is that many online consumers want help from Live representative as they decide to purchase online. Their questions will be quickly answered live while they’re in the middle of an online purchase. This stands as one of the most significant feature a website can easily offer. FB online chat system offers its customers instant access to help, without making them wait. Thus the live chat creates great buzzing user experience and great tool for social media marketing.

2# Facebook Live Streams and Replays: The questions or comments that customers share with the live representative during the time of broadcast are visible over the video itself. On Facebook Live, the video telecast is in square format, and the comments shared by the viewers globally are placed right below the actual video. Even the replays of Facebook Live streams can remain on your page afterwards also. So if you’ve missed the live conversation, you can replay again later to watch it, and write comments too.

3# Live Chat cuts down on Expenses: Live chat software can save on both phone expenses and employee task time. Live chat not only lessens average interaction costs, but also enhances the efficiency by letting live chat representative to manage multiple chats.

4# Live Chat increases Sales: Live chats on the website gradually increases sales numbers. Higher customer satisfaction scores better for the business expansion. The key factor is that customers can now have a live representative who can talk to them through instantly through a sale when they become puzzled, or have any question to ask which can make or break a sale. When their queries are solved and needs are well understood by an employee, they straightaway buy products online. The live representative is in an ideal position to suggest additional, valuable purchases which can perfectly suit the customers.  

5# Live Chat gives you an edge of your competition: Live chat is a vital ingredient that websites must have so as to be competitive and to mount to the top. Live chat affords an easy way to connect with clients and customers who spend a fine deal of their money online. The customers will be pretty much convinced by the live chat. At the same time, the cost savings and expediency for both customers and staffs makes live chat a perfect viable option for today’s businesses, and also a necessary tool for any company which succeeds on offering superb customer service.

6# Live Chat strikes into customer pain points: When a customer’s need or frustration has yet to be filled, it is called as a pain point, and the marketing teams excavate social media’s message boards for such pain points. Live chat endows with instant access to pain points of customers. While customers use live chat, they will strive to make sure that a product will execute as per advertised, or its promotion will afford the discount they want. As the live chat representatives interact with their customers, they can explore various ways to perk up a company’s products and services.    

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Vikramjeet Singh

Vikramjeet Singh is the founder of 3i Digital Solutions Private Limited. Singh drives the strategic vision of the organization while ensuring that all of the agency’s clients are receiving best-in-class digital solutions. He has a working experience of 15+ years, where he has worked in various leadership roles & managed global brands like LG and Haier.