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How Facebook helps to drive Various Business Objectives

01 Mar

Facebook MarketingThe prospective reach for online business is beyond belief; that’s the reason many business owners are using Facebook effectually as a solid marketing tool that also assists them to build their online reputation. You should make your marketing goals as measurable, concrete, and attainable as possible to get more new leads in the next 12 months.

It’s recommended to implement the marketing strategies rightly for which you can drive heavy traffic towards your websites, fabricate brand equity, attract numerous customers, support more sales, and engage with your fans. By setting such specific objectives, you gradually create makers for your business. This helps in executing effective social media marketing much easier. Let’s get to learn how ‘Facebook’ assists to drive various business objectives.

1# Create Awareness: Reach and Target

You need to make the most out of your Facebook Business Page. Creating a Fan Page offers your business and brands to recognise themselves by sharing images, posts and links on customized page and also through listing product services and offerings in order to provide a good sense of a business’s personality and its brand identity. You should also reflect upon what your target audience wants to see and know from your business services. You can share social media images, videos, links, etc that relates to your business post. Through this Fan Page, your prospects, future employees, customers, vendors, and also media can connect with you by finding information regarding your company and products and services offered by you.

2# Drive Consideration: Relevance and Frequency

Executing FB advertising in your FB marketing strategy is one prospective technique for enhancing likes or driving more website clicks. On your FB business page, you can buy business ads that also help in maintaining your page in top three.

Vital goal stands here is that you need to understand firstly if the demographic target of your ads is reflecting your message relevant towards them and engaging with them too. It is suggested that an ad that includes appealing design and copy targeting to an ideal audience will benefit from a strong relevance score, which has a direct linking with your ad (marketing) cost.

You should also check the frequency of your Facebook posts. You should make sure you shouldn’t increase the frequency as higher frequency will kill best campaigns. Hence, you should change the target or refresh your ad creativity in order to maintain your frequency medium.

3# Driving Transaction: Call-to-Action

A new call-to-action feature has been designed for Facebook people, which will assist your Pages drive more business objectives in the posts.  The call-to-action buttons connect to any destination on or off FB which allies with business goals. The FB Page admins can choose from set of call-to-action buttons available, like Sign Up, Shop Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Play Game, Use App, or Watch Video, for adding to the top of their FB business page.

 4# Driving Better Loyalty: Rewards

For encouraging loyalty, you should reward your Facebook fans so as to reinforce the association they have with your company. Your business should have various intellectual properties to offer your FB fans on Community Page, whether it is a video, e-book, coupon or voucher (rewards). Providing ‘added value’ can be superior for developing loyalty and engaging people with your brand, for example- the person who can produce the best idea for our business proposal can win a free dessert at a particular restaurant with our client.

Vikramjeet Singh

Vikramjeet Singh is the founder of 3i Digital Solutions Private Limited. Singh drives the strategic vision of the organization while ensuring that all of the agency’s clients are receiving best-in-class digital solutions. He has a working experience of 15+ years, where he has worked in various leadership roles & managed global brands like LG and Haier.