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How LinkedIn help you build your Professional Image?

30 Mar

Grow your business with linkedin

The image you put across as a professional in business milieu is the most valuable benefit for achieving your competitive edge in your area of industry. After developing and communicating your image, the reference will be your LinkedIn profile for your personal brand. This will help your LinkedIn profile become visible among first search results.

1# How can you utilize your LinkedIn Profile in boosting your professional image?

You need to be identifiable with your selection of a professional-looking photo and use of real name that will be easy to figure you out. The header of your profile below your name should be catchy that would grab the attention of viewers. Header comprises of your current job title that frames your professional image. Your summary should portray your accomplishments and objectives. You require building up your work history by listing your roles and experience in working with your present and past companies, and projects you have worked on. You can even highlight your notable achievements. You must be active by updating your profile history in between, publish new posts, interact in groups, and expand your network too.      

2# What advantages your business can derive from LinkedIn?

You have to build your online professional network through social media. With the help of LinkedIn, you can give reviews, recommendations, and new contacts that offer you opportunities to grow your network gradually. You can enhance exposure along with a LinkedIn Company Page for products and services, and also attract many quality employees. Your LinkedIn profile page can increase credibility and appeal new businesses too. By obtaining recommendations from past clients and employees, and having many followers on your LinkedIn, your company provides a huge opportunity to expand your business.

3# How the various options can be used in LinkedIn to connect to right audiences?

LinkedIn is brilliant for connecting with professionals, thought-leaders, like-minded individuals, or business people in your industry. You can build a long-lasting association with people in your industry and other industries. LinkedIn continues to be an excellent platform to promote oneself as a professional in individual work field. It is also a superb place for getting hired. LinkedIn suggests you jobs that is equivalent with the details mentioned on your profile. It also lets you to stay on the top of whatever is happening in and around your industry. LinkedIn is a superb way of easily found on Google when searched. Your individual or company’s profile page is likely to rank extremely well on Google.

4# Tips and strategies of a Good LinkedIn profile

While optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you need to write a strong summary where you can list your broader expertise and goals. The headline of your profile should highlight your experience, and profile image should be professional. You or your company requires joining groups for sharing views and contribute in discussions. You can use LinkedIn’s publishing feature to deliver your content to huge network of people. You can acquire endorsements, and also high-quality recommendations. You can highlight your achievements on your profile that includes your certifications, awards, projects, publications, test scores, etc.

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