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Principles of Visual Design

21 Mar

Principles of Visual design

Consumer engagement refers to any action taken by the consumer on an online e-commerce/business portal that includes posting a search query or a comment, signing up for a newsletter, filling in a contact form, time spent by each user on a particular website. Better consumer engagement conveys potential increase in sales sector and good conversion ratio. The question stands here is that how one can drive consumer engagement on their portal? According to the point of view of web designers, visual design is the vital part where the portal can transform into something really engaging. Let’s take a look at the key points to consider in the visual design process to have an effective consumer engagement.

Simplicity -Build a clutter-free interface: The first step for a clutter-free interface is to drive heavy consumer engagement on your online portal. You should generate a perfect balance between text and visual elements on the website in order to make it understandable in points and quick readable for your consumers. Ensure to have sufficient white space for the consumers to find out information related to their purchasing interests.

Use visual storytelling: Mini visual storytelling is one of the excellent ways to engage your consumers, though it is quite challenging too. You should consume some of your time in thinking how to make your portal interesting and appealing by applying different design techniques like parallax scrolling. When consumers hit your portal for purchase, your products have to catch their eyes at one look. So it should have ample number of product designs that prompts them to keep scrolling to go through your site and get engrossed completely.

Relevance -Select the right visuals: You shouldn’t make a mistake of jumbling up your portal by overcrowding it. Instead you should consider having a balancing visual designs, with graph and tables (where required). The graph choice will decide how readable the information exhibited will be. On this basis, you can make the best visual choices too. This is an essential tool for communicating messages towards consumers and offering them with the capability to recognize patterns in the data more effectually.

Use of color thoughtfully: The use of color is a useful way to draw attention to the huge lot of consumers, and evoke their emotions and eagerness to buy products from your portal! It is very important to use colors in a thoughtful manner that has a large impact on the consumer engagement. Ensure to select the best colors throughout the web dashboard that can give a great feel to them. Whichever color you apply on your portal and its respective products and captions etc, should be used for a reason. When the color is used intentionally, this reflects upon how the consumer will feel while going through your services and product’s information that is displayed.

Consumers can easily get attracted by bright, unnatural colors. Cool colors are very much valuable for exhibiting the current trends. With the use of color effectively, you can function in crafting an eye-catchy visual design that in easy and enjoyable to use, and at the same time engaging too.

Engagement -Choose card-based design: Using card-based design for presenting information regarding your services in an animated way is can offer a big consumer interaction and better engagement on your website.

Hence, the above visual designs are really impactful for grabbing more consumer engagement.

Vikramjeet Singh

Vikramjeet Singh is the founder of 3i Digital Solutions Private Limited. Singh drives the strategic vision of the organization while ensuring that all of the agency’s clients are receiving best-in-class digital solutions. He has a working experience of 15+ years, where he has worked in various leadership roles & managed global brands like LG and Haier.